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Runda Water 亚洲必赢:Environmental protection Information Disclosure Content
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亚洲必赢:Environmental protection information disclosure of enterprises and institutions
First, the basic information
1. Unit name Linyi Runda Water Co., Ltd.
2. Organization code 91371323698083847X
3. Legal representative
4. Production address West of Baobao Village, Xujiahu Town, Lishui County
5. Contact information 05397128288
6. Full-time person in charge Gao Honglei
7. Production process The primary treatment includes grid, pump room, aerated grit chamber, hydrolysis acidification tank and primary sedimentation tank; secondary treatment adopts air aeration activated sludge method, and the first stage process is Carrousel oxidation ditch. The second stage process is modified A2O; the third stage deep treatment adopts flocculation sedimentation + filtration method
8. Main products
9. Production capacity: 80,000 tons of sewage per day
Second, sewage information
10. Names of major pollutants COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus
11. Characteristic pollutants
12. Discharge method
13. Number of sewage outlets 1
14. Location of sewage outlets Southwest corner of the plant
15. Emissions to the river
16. Approved total emissions COD annual emissions of 1,460 tons, ammonia nitrogen emissions of 146 tons
17. Total actual emissions This year, as of the end of August, COD emissions were 749.2 tons and ammonia nitrogen emissions were 16 tons.
18. Emission Standards The effluent quality is subject to the Class A standard of Pollutant Discharge Standards for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants (GB18918-2002), ie COD≤50mg, BOD≤10mg, NH3-N≤5(8)mg, TP≤0.5mg , SS ≤ 10mg, TN ≤ 15mg.
19. Actual emission concentration COD average 41.0mg/l ammonia nitrogen 0.88mg/l
Third, the construction and operation of pollution prevention facilities
20. Construction The first phase of the project will treat 30,000 cubic meters of sewage per day, covering an area of 54 mu, with a total investment of 56.496 million yuan. Construction started in 2009. In December 2010, the company was built and commissioned, and the city passed the city in June 2011. 亚洲必赢:Environmental protection inspection by the 亚洲必赢:Environmental protection Agency, officially started in July 2011. The second phase of the project will treat 50,000 cubic meters of sewage per day, covering an area of 75 mu, with an investment of 96.5 million yuan. Construction will start in October 2013, construction will be completed in October 2014, and water supply commissioning will begin in December 2014. May 18, 2015 The 亚洲必赢:Environmental protection acceptance of the day passed, and the current effluent water quality reached the standard.
21. Operational situation After the completion of the project, it has always maintained a safe operation and a level of discharge to the standard, and achieved obvious social and environmental benefits.
Fourth, the EIA situation
2009 12.7 Linyi Runda Water Co., Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project Environmental Impact Report Form approved, Procircle Letter {2009}631. 2013.11.15 Linyi Runda Water Co., Ltd. Phase II Wastewater Treatment Project Environmental Impact Report Reply, Linhuan [2013] No. 177
V. Emergency plan (attachment)

see attached;